Action Steps

Immediately establish a group of at least 600 peace-creating experts (the square root of 1% of Canada’s population) trained in Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Approach to Defence to secure domestic tranquility, stability, and harmony within the nation.

Quickly expand this group to 8,000 peace-creating experts—the number required to create a powerful influence of peace and harmony on a global scale. True invincibility cannot be achieved while parts of the world are in turmoil. Every nation today is vulnerable to attack by faraway countries through acts of terrorism, long-range missiles, or subterfuge. Every nation must therefore look beyond its borders and help secure a peaceful and harmonious family of nations.

Fortunately, according to published research, such global harmony can be achieved, to a significant degree, by even a single coherence-creating group of 8,000 experts. This number corresponds to the square root of one percent of the world’s population, and is enough, according to both theory and experiment, to produce dramatic global reductions in terrorism and conflict, and rising positive trends throughout the world.


There are already more than 600 Canadians trained in the Maharishi Unified–Field Based approach to Defence. All that is required is to permanently employ them in this profession and provide them with housing in a single community where they can practice this program daily together to create the effect of national coherence and invincibility. Housing will have to be especially built for these experts, according to ancient Vedic architecture, which provides the architectural mathematics to create Fortune–Creating homes. These homes and buildings will ensure that maximum peace and coherence is generated for the nation. The employment of these peace-creating experts (at the minimum salary rate of $1,000 per month during the first year of their training) will have a cost of $600,000 per month for the total group of 600.

Government Responsibility

It should be the responsibility of the government to employ such a group of peace–creating experts for the defence of the nation. The cost would be truly negligible compared with $15 billion spent annually in the nation’s defence budget. However, government leaders are not free to make their own decisions. The frequent elections in the country and party politics cause government leaders and their policies to continually change.

Canada’s Wealthiest Citizens Invited to Create Housing for the National Invincibility Experts

As the government cannot be relied upon to implement and maintain this program, we call upon the wealthiest citizens of the country to support this undertaking, because it is the country’s leading citizens and corporations who have the most to gain from a stable, peaceful nation and the most to lose if the country suffers a terrorist attack.

Canada has 40 billionaires with a combined wealth of approximately $90 billion. Therefore each one billion dollars of wealth has only to build residences for ten Yogic Flyers, which would cost approximately $500,000.

For our country’s billionaires, the level of investment required to finance such a community is small considering the resulting effect of safety and security for their own wealth and for the whole nation. Those who have the greatest fortune should feel that it is their solemn duty to crown their nations with invincibility. In addition, the employment of these peace-creating experts will have a cost of $600,000 per month, as stated above, for the total group of 600 Yogic Flyers.

Creating Invincibility Schools throughout Canada

As an alternative to employing 600 Canadians, the wealthy of the country could also fund the establishment of Invincibility Schools and invite the youth of the country to receive training in Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based approach to defence and take up this new profession of creating invincibility for the nation.

Students to Create Invincible Canada

Through their daily group practice of Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness, the students of the Invincibility Schools will create a powerful influence of peace, positivity and unity in the national consciousness and, as such, will be the quiet guardians of peace for the nation.

Ideal Education that Develops the Students’ Full Creative Potential

Students at these high schools will develop their full creative potential through following a Consciousness–Based Education approach to academics. They will follow a standard curriculum of academic disciplines and will be uniquely prepared for a successful career once they graduate.

Creating Enlightened Leaders of Society

Extensive published research on the application of Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness in education confirms that, in addition to the powerful effect of peace and national coherence created by these programs, the students gain profound benefits graduating as highly productive, enlightened leaders of society.

Among the many documented benefits are significant longitudinal increases in intelligence (IQ); increased creativity; improved learning ability, memory and academic performance; increased psychological stability, self-confidence and emotional maturity; and improved moral reasoning. (See more details at the Maharishi University of Management website.)

Invincibility Schools for Every Province

Ideally, a school of at least 600 students should be located in one place in the country. But initially, even three or four groups of approximately 200 peace-creating students in three or four of the largest cities will create a powerful effect of invincibility.

We are therefore planning to establish Invincibility Schools in the four largest cities of Canada - Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver - where large numbers of students are available. Ultimately though, Invincibility Schools should be established in every province so that eventually there are 8,000 students enrolled. As stated above in Goal 2, a group of 8,000 peace-creating experts will be able to create peace and stability in all parts of the world from Canada.

Budget for Invincibility Schools

We estimate the cost for establishing an Invincibility School for each 100 students will be:

  • Land – approx. 1.5 acres - $.5 million
  • Building – approx. 10,000 square feet - $1.5 million
  • Scholarships for students – approx. $1.2 million annually

The total amount required for six Invincibility Schools for 600 students will be:

  • Land and buildings – approx. $12 million
  • Scholarships for 600 students – approx. $7.2 million annually

Invitation to Leading Citizens, Corporations and Foundations of Canada

We invite all Canadians who have the vision and are free to take immediate action for the good of our country to provide the financial support for this urgent and noble undertaking. Any one very wealthy citizen or a group of leading citizens, corporations and foundations could provide the financial support for these 600 peace-creating students. In so doing, they would ensure invincible peace and security for the nation and would receive the highest honor, praise and gratitude from all Canadians.

There could be no greater contribution than bestowing invincibility on our nation, and the amount required is a small investment in order to protect the nation and to preserve the values and peaceful way of life that everyone cherishes in Canada. Wealthy citizens and corporations have the most to gain from a stable, peaceful, unified country and the most to lose if the country is crippled by a terrorist attack.

Donations or Loans

Financial contributions towards the establishment and maintenance of these Invincibility Schools can be made in the form of donations to a registered charity, Maharishi International Academy of the Science of Creative Intelligence (registration number 887435592 RR0001). Alternatively, well-wishers can directly finance this program through an independent educational trust of their choice. There are undoubtedly other ways to finance these schools, such as loans, grants or other financing vehicles and we would be pleased to discuss all such alternatives with interested parties.


All parties interested in supporting this program to create Invincible Defence for Canada are invited to contact:

Dr. Russell Guest
Financial Capital of Canada to Crown the Nation with Invincibility
Suite 910, 505 Consumers Rd.
Toronto, ON, Canada M2J 4V8
Tel: 1-416-280-6211